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Gallucci, Marcello, University of Milano-Bicocca
Gansewig, Antje
Gansewig, Antje, University of Oldenburg
Garry, Amanda, American Counterterrorism Targeting and Resilience Institute (ACTRI)
Geschke, Daniel, Institut für Kommunikationswissenschaft, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Ghazinour, Mehdi, Umeå University
Ghosh, Ratna, McGill University
Gielen, Amy-Jane, Amy-Jane Gielen works as an independent researcher and consultant on counter-radicalisation (www.agadvies.com). She is currently writing her PhD-thesis at the University of Amsterdam on measuring the effectiveness of counter-radicalisation policy.
Gielen, Amy-Jane, University of Amsterdam
Githigaro, John Mwangi, St. Paul’s University Limuru
Goldsmith, Paul, Independent Consultant in Peace and Security Studies
Goodman-Delahunty, Jane, Charles Sturt University
Götsch, Katharina, Lecturer, Project Coordinator, Institute for Political Science, Department of Government, University of Vienna
Graumans, Raissa, University of Saskatchewan
Griffith-Dickson, Gwen
Guhl, Jakob, Institute for Strategic Dialogue
Gustafson, Scott, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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