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Cameron, Paul A., National Lead Clinician for Chronic Pain, Scottish Government, NHS Fife, and University of Dundee
Cameron, Paul A., University of Dundee
Canan, Coskun, Dr., Humboldt University of Berlin, Berlin Institute for Integration and Migration Research
Castelli Gattinara, Dr. Pietro, University of Leicester, pcgdz1@le.ac.uk
Chassman, Alyssa, Master of Arts in Human Rights, Kingston University London
Cherney, Adrian, Australian Research Council
Cherney, Adrian, University of Queensland
Cheung, Sang
Christensen, Tina Wilchen, Master Phil in social anthropology (Oslo University) and Ph.D from Roskilde University at the Department of Psychology and Educational Studies at Roskilde University in Denmark.
Christoph, Stefan
Clark, Michael, Center for Strength-Based Strategies
Clubb, Gordon, School of Politics and International Studies, University of Leeds
Cooley, Asya, Oklahoma State University
Cooley, Skye, Oklahoma State University
Criezis, Meili, Polarization and Extremism Research Innovation Lab (PERIL), American University Washington DC

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