Centralising Women in P/CVE and Peacebuilding Programme Design


  • Kiriloi Ingram Charles Sturt University


Women, Gender, Preventing Violent Extremism, Countering Violent Extremism, Peacebuilding


This policy paper provides a guiding framework for centralising the role of local women in preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE) and peacebuilding programmes. It draws on the author’s research into the gendered appeals of violent extremist propaganda and field experiences implementing programmes across Southeast Asia. The approach outlined here builds on the “linkage” approach to propaganda analysis and P/CVE programme design arguing that women need to be capacitated with the knowledge and strategic tools and empowered through women’s networks to develop locally nuanced solutions. The Capacitate to Outcompete, Persuade, and Empower (C.O.P.E) framework consists of four broad pillars. First, workshops to educate women about violent extremist strategies and P/CVE and peacebuilding approaches. Second, narrative-driven actions led by women addressing key psychosocial, political, economic, and health issues. Third, strategic communications efforts to promote empowerment goals. Fourth, establish grassroots women’s networks as forums for bonding, support, and organisation for collective action. This paper highlights experiences implementing C.O.P.E offering a practical guide for design and implementation.


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