The Searchlight Archive collection at the University of Northampton. A Research Note


  • Daniel Jones Archivist for the Searchlight Archive; all images in this article were provided by the Searchlight Archive.


Opened in the summer of 2013, the Searchlight Archive at the University of Northampton offers researchers one of the largest collections of material on the far right and anti-fascist movements in Europe. The University of Northampton is very grateful to Gerry Gable, Editor of Searchlight Magazine, for allowing us to house this material, and place it in the public domain. Consisting of hundreds of boxes of unique material, with around 350 presently on our catalogue, the archive has already welcomed dozens of researchers (from undergraduate dissertation students to professional academics), and has contributed to numerous articles and papers too. 


This resource has a wide range of applicability into on-going research into the history and contemporary dynamics of radicalism. So far, researchers have only scratched the surface of its relevance for emergent debates into themes such as networking and transnational forms of extremism, gender and far right activity, and the roles played by civil society in counteracting the impact of ultra-nationalism.