• Muhammad Faisal Surgical oncology department, SKMCH&RC
  • Arif Jamshed Radiation oncology, department, SKMCH&RC
  • Raza Hussain Surgical oncology department, SKMCH&RC


Spindle cell carcinoma (SpCC) is a variant of squamous cell carcinoma with biphasic components and more aggressive behaviour. Its rarity and histopathological pattern pose a diagnostic challenge. Early diagnosis and treatment result in a decrease in local and distant metastasis. Case 1 is a 71-year-old female presented with hoarseness of voice and dyspnoea for 2 years without any risk factors. Fibre-optic laryngoscopy (FOL) revealed smooth polyp hanging from anterior two-third of the left vocal cord. Microlaryngoscopic excision revealed SpCC followed by post-operative radiotherapy and is currently
alive. Case 2 is a 72-year-old male presented with worsening stridor for 2 years post-excision of laryngeal nodule and history of smoking and hookah use for >20 years. He developed dysphonia after a few months with fixed hard level 3 nodes at the right side. FOL showed a polypoid mass extending from the left vocal cord into the supraglottis. Fine-needle aspiration cytology of the neck swelling confirmed the diagnosis of SpCC. Computerised tomography (CT) chest/abdomen showed distant metastasis. Palliative radiotherapy was given, but the patient died after 3 months due to locoregional failure. Case 3 is a 35-year-old male presented with a history of hoarseness for 3 years with no risk factors. FOL showed a 1.2-cm polypoid growth on the right vocal cord. Total laryngectomy was performed and histopathology showed SpCC. Radiotherapy was given and the patient is alive without disease with regular follow-ups. Smoking and alcohol are thought to be the contributing factors causing this disease. Biphasic nature of the tumour requires pathological sampling for diagnostic confirmation. Surgery combined with radiotherapy has a better survival outcome. SpCC is a rare tumour with a tendency for locoregional
recurrence. Surgery should remain the mainstay of treatment followed by post-operative radiotherapy for a better control.

Key words: Larynx, radiotherapy, spindle cell carcinoma


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