Diamantidaki, F. (Ed.). (2019). Teaching literature in modern foreign languages. London, UK: Bloomsbury.


As a linguist and former English language instructor, I greatly enjoyed and benefitted from reading this book of which the title sets clear expectations for the content. In Teaching Literature in Modern Foreign Languages, Fotini Diamantidaki brings together eight authors whose work is directly related to the topic at hand as professors, researchers, and language teachers. While each chapter covers the topic from a different angle, they all utilize learner-centered approaches. Indeed, Diamantidaki, who is a lecturer in Education at the UCL Institute of Education and has taught French in London secondary schools, highlights the importance of the incorporation of literature into teaching foreign languages and ensuring that the “learner… reacts as a human being, reconnecting with the context they are living and the context they are studying” (2). This is emphasized throughout the book, where the authors provide various class activities in which students are active participants in the language-learning process rather than passive recipients.



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