The Process of Formation and Development of Organizational Competences in a Brazilian Public Sector Institution

Ronaldo Quintana, Grace Becker, Roberto Ruas


The study of organizational competences has shown that, even according to the Resource-Based View – RBV - which characterizes itself for the most proficient convergence of studies about the collective and synergetic perspective of the relationship between resources and capability, we find little empirical research that investigates the internal configuration and dynamic of these elements. In this study we have tried to emphasize the composition and the relational dynamic of the organizational competences (OCs). From the presentation and analysis of different frameworks that comprise the theoretical basis for this article, the main focus was on the analysis of the formation and development process of organizational competences in a Judiciary Institution. The method used is the case study with an exploratory approach. The results of the research identify three important organizational competences in the institution as well as the elements that comprise them. In addition, the analysis emphasizes the interrelationship between these elements and the competences, which leads to the mapping of the formation and development of these competences throughout the time. Using this mapping technique, together with the theoretical fundament, a new framework is proposed. This new framework defines the composition of the subject OCs identified in the study in a way that is intended for empirical and theoretical application.

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