An Exploration of Two Selected Themes: History and Education in Christian Themba Msimang’s Poetry


  • Jozi Joseph Thwala University of Venda
  • Nandi Cedrol Mthethwa University of Venda
  • Nkosinathi Macdonald Lusenga University of Venda


The objectives of this research work are to analyze and interpret the historical and educational aspects in selected poems of C.T. Msimang. The thematic contexts are evaluated through images that convey and illustrate the ideas in an appropriate manner. Poetry is made up of images and allusions that reveal the poet’s inner feelings which evoke the appropriate feelings and reaction from the reader. Most images employed are panegyric, that is, they are used to praise the subject. Thematic exploration brings forth refreshment, inexhaustion, and absorption. The series of ideas and events are presented from introduction, development to the conclusion. The historical facts, incidents, and settings are presented in a literary manner. It is a text-orientated study that looks at poet diction and meaning in thematic contexts. The study is informed by descriptive and explanatory researches.