Lean Transformation in Information Technology: The Case of IT Services in Financial Firms

Zamzam H. Alhammadi, Khaled Shaalan


In today’s competitive market, organizations have realized that high quality contributes to long-term success. Lean transformation framework can be described as a set of tools and principles that positively impact quality by focusing on both eliminating waste and adding value to certain processes in the organization. This study argues the success of implementing Lean principles in IT. Since there is no such research has been conducted in the Arab world in implementing Lean in IT, this research paper is considered as a pioneer research in the field of IT quality management. The objective of this paper is to use a case-based approach to demonstrate how Lean principles and tools can help IT to enhance IT services quality, reduce cost, and improve productivity. A case study at a leading financial institution in the Arab Gulf region is examined. The study focuses on analyzing the Lean transformation stages, including current state assessment, target state design, and implementation; as well as describing the set of tools that guide the actions taken in each stage. The findings of this case study show that Lean principles can help in maintaining a high quality of IT services with lower cost by reducing 10% of none-valued activities and other benefits.

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