Knowledge Management and its Role in Promoting Sustainable Development: A Systematic Literature Review


  • Mohamed Al Ali The British University in Dubai
  • Saif Alsabbagh The British University in Dubai
  • Abdulla Almheiri The British University in Dubai


The Knowledge Management (KM) field has witnessed substantial growth during recent years. Information processing, dissemination, and retrieval have grown to take central importance in the corporate context, which necessitates firms to make sizable investments in improving KM. Moreover, only the firms with the most sophisticated information management processes in place are expected to survive in their respective industries in the future. The current study uses a systematic literature review to prove the connection between KM and organizational sustainability. The literature is chosen from credible peer-reviewed sources, which is expected to increase the research’s credibility. In addition, suitable inclusion/exclusion criteria are used to ensure the study’s relevance. The objective remains to prove that efficient KM is the key to deriving a competitive advantage for corporations in all industries.


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