Using Edmodo Learning Management System: Experiences of Teacher Trainees

Amri Tanduklangi, Deddy Amrand, Carlina Amri


This study describes teachers’ experiences using Edmodo Learning Management System (LMS) during Edmodo user training. After having exposed with an Edmodo workshop and participated in the blended course for eight weeks both as a student and as a teacher user, 11 selected participants of 22 teacher trainees were asked to respond to the effectiveness use of Edmodo in an online mode of learning through this training by filling the questionnaire and answering the questions through close and open-ended questionnaire and in-depth interviews. The participants’ responses demonstrate that the majority of the participants perceive positively towards all features on Edmodo. The study result also shows the acceptance, and the skill of participants in using Edmodo varies from one to another participant. Participants who have ever been exposed with similar tools of computer-assisted learning devices find this system easy to access and to use, but the ones who had never used Edmodo and other similar LMS before experienced with some difficulties during the earlier session of the training.

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