The Future of Software Engineering by 2050s: Will AI Replace Software Engineers?

Lubna Mahmoud Abu Zohair


This research aims to explore the future of software engineering domain by 2050s. In specific, it points to some foreseeable best practices in the field, prospected roles of software engineers, and how artificial intelligence could shape the future of software engineering framework and engineers’ roles. Furthermore, it demonstrates current challenges and how they will be tackled in the future and forecasted future challenges and ways to avoid it from now. These anticipations were determined by inferring the future from some existed facts from history or current practices and researches in the fields of software artificial intelligence. Not only that, a qualitative method was followed, and an online survey was conducted and directed toward software engineers and artificial intelligence professionals. As an overall outcome of this study, various analogical surveys’ answers and anticipations agreed that the future of software engineering field would definitely change, however, software engineers will be the main actors who can shape this future in such a way that will either keep them dominant in this field or left behind and replaced by other systems or professions.

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