The Impact of Child Protection Policy on Omani Classrooms

Noor Al-Qaysi


The practice of child protection plays a key role in the work of professionals dealing with children. The current paper proposes a novel child protection policy for Omar Bin Al-Khattab Private School (OBK), Oman. This paper considers that the proposed OBK protection policy clearly directs staff about expected behavior while working with protection-related issues applied in the school context. Two methodologies were utilized including a questionnaire (a quantitative method) and interviews (a qualitative method) with the school staff for data collection to evaluate the significance of the proposed policy. Results indicated a statistical significant difference among the staff members’ attitudes where females were more positive towards the adoption of the child protection policy rather than males. Moreover, findings revealed statistically significant differences in the staff members’ perceptions in terms of their positions. Interviews’ results provided the main reasons of child abuse along with the strategies followed to support the maltreated pupils.

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