Smart Learning Gateways for Omani HEIs Towards Educational Technology: Benefits, Challenges and solutions

Qasim Alajmi, Mohammed A. Al-Sharafi, Amer Abuali


Globally, higher education institutions (HEIs) is completely transformed with the growth of information and communication technology. This change is due to the advancement of information technology in the world, which has led to the creation of conceptual frameworks that design the smart learning environment across the globe for Educational Technology. Therefore, a great deal of today's teachings relies heavily on the information and technology resources where most HEIs are starting to digitize their courses curriculum. The smart learning matter has gained a global trend for the past few years but still did not discuss thoroughly in the Omani environment. This research aims at providing innovative ways of using information and technology in higher education learning. The purpose of this study is to investigate the challenges that higher learning students encounter in higher education institutions with the implementation of technology-enhanced learning, the benefits of the smart learning environment in Oman, and to identify the solutions for the smart learning environment in students of high education Oman. Finally, this paper gives recommendations on how the universities in Omani HEIs can minimize and conquer the challenges that higher education' students in Oman face in becoming a smart learning environment.

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