Min-Jun Kim, Chiehyeon Lim, Kwang-Jae Kim


Various types and massive amounts of data are collected in the automotive industry. Such data proliferation facilitates and improves the design of services for vehicle operations management (VOM). A VOM service is a service that helps drivers drive safely, conveniently, and pleasurably with the use of VOM-related data. Despite the applicability of big data to VOM service design, few efforts have been made to establish a big data-based design process for VOM services. To fill the research gap, this study proposes an approach to analyzing and utilizing VOM-related data for designing VOM services. The proposed approach aids service designers in designing VOM services by using VOM-related data. A case study on the design of an eco-driving service, a popular VOM service, is presented to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the approach. The proposed approach could facilitate the design of VOM services and provide a foundation for data-driven service innovations.

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