Decision Support for the Global Logistics Positioning


  • Lin Chun-Wei
  • Hsu Sheng-Jie



Global Logistic Management, Global Logistic Positioning, Framework, Decision Support System


According to the enterprise's global operations, its global logistics system had to be cooperated. It is clear that the global logistics (GL) is more complicated than the local logistics. However, it lacks a generic structure for GL's position to support its decision-making.

Therefore, this article proposed a Global Logistic Positioning (GLP) framework by means of literatures review and practice experience. And, constructed the variables in this framework to be a Decision Support System (DSS), which is useful for the GLP decision-making. This DSS can suggest the decision-maker to decide the positions of the operation headquarters, research and development bases, production bases, and distribution bases.

For efficiency, this article proposed a four-phase algorithm which integrates the goal programming, revised Analytic Hierarchy Process method, Euclidean distance, and Fitness concept, to execute the GLP computation. Finally, by a virtual example: ABC Company, to verify the GLP theoretical feasibility.



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Chun-Wei, L., & Sheng-Jie, H. (2013). Decision Support for the Global Logistics Positioning. International Journal of Industrial Engineering: Theory, Applications and Practice, 20(5-6).



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