Reverse Logistics and Supply Chains: A Structural Equation Modeling Investigation


  • Kaveh Khalili-Damghani
  • Madjid Tavana
  • Maryam Najmodin



Supply chain performance, Reverse logistic, Structural equation modeling.


The process of transforming rawmaterials into final products and delivering those products to customers, knownas supply chain (SC) management, is becoming increasingly complex. Most of SCmanagement research has been concerned with procurement and production. However, recently,  it has becomeincreasingly important to extend SC issues beyond the point of sale to reverselogistic (RL) where the flow of returned products is processed from thecustomers back to the collection centers for repair, remanufacturing ordisposal.  We propose a conceptual frameworkand empirically investigate the relationship between the key factors in RL and SCperformance measurement using a series of hypotheses. Structural equation modeling(SEM) is used to test the hypotheses. The results reveal insightful informationabout the effects of RL factors on the SC performance.

Author Biography

Madjid Tavana

Madjid Tavana is a professor of Business Systems and Analyticsand the Lindback Distinguished Chair of Information Systems and DecisionSciences at La Salle University, where he served as Chairman of the ManagementDepartment and Director of the Center for Technology and Management. He is aDistinguished Research Fellow at Kennedy Space Center, Johnson Space Center,Naval Research Laboratory at Stennis Space Center, and Air Force ResearchLaboratory. He was recently honored with the prestigious Space Act Award byNASA. He holds a MBA, PMIS, and PhD in Management Information Systems andreceived his Post-Doctoral Diploma in Strategic Information Systems from theWharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Decision Analytics, InternationalJournal of Applied Decision Sciences, InternationalJournal of Management and Decision Making, International Journal of StrategicDecision Sciences, and InternationalJournal of Enterprise Information Systems. He has published several books andover one hundred and fifty research papers in academic journals such as InformationSciences, Decision Sciences, Information Systems,Interfaces, Annals of Operations Research, Advances in SpaceResearch, Omega, Information and Management, Knowledge-BasedSystems, International Journal of Production Research, Expert Systems withApplications, European Journal of Operational Research, Journalof the Operational Research Society, Computers and Operations Research,Energy Economics, Applied Soft Computing, and Energy Policy.



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Khalili-Damghani, K., Tavana, M., & Najmodin, M. (2015). Reverse Logistics and Supply Chains: A Structural Equation Modeling Investigation. International Journal of Industrial Engineering: Theory, Applications and Practice, 22(3).



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