Message from the Editor for April 2023 Issue

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Nitin Tripathi


This issue contains papers related to the use of geoinformatics in Bathymetry, Road accidents, Corona Virus, traditional lifestyle changes, and in core technology area GNSS based location accuracy. Topics are quite varied and show the potential of geoinformatics in such diverse applications. Coastal areas especially the harbors need a certain depth to allow the ships to reach the coast and a bathymetric survey is very time-consuming and involves huge costs using sound waves. This paper employs multi-frequency data which is relatively a new phenomenon of underwater exploration. Due to poor design of road intersections, speed, and driving behavior, the frequency of accidents increases. One of the papers carries geospatial visualization and spatial statistical analysis into highway accidents. There are constant dynamics in the demographics, and it causes land use dynamics as well. Geospatial analysis is used to monitor the changes in land use and relate it to the living style of the people. Few researchers have attempted to analyze the patterns of various situations and patterns of Coronavirus disease in Thailand. Positional accuracy using GNSS has been analyzed by many authors by employing various techniques and systems. In this issue, a paper contains the outcome of on positional accuracy in the case of multi-constellation GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System). Authors could minimize observation errors and could enhance positional accuracy.

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