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Nitin Tripathi


Warm Greetings for the Year 2023. It is a matter of contentment to bring you the International Journal of Geoinformatics - Volume number 19 and Issue Number 1. As you know, now IJG will be published every month i.e. 12 issues every year. This will help reduce the publication time considerably. I am also happy to share with our authors that the journal cites score has risen from 0.40 to 0.60 during past one year period 2021 to 2022. This is just because of the open access allocation to all papers, DOI and html publications in addition to pdf mode. This increased the searchability of the journal and papers. I hope much faster increase in the cite scope and the journal metrics in the coming few years.

This issue contains research papers in areas of aware visualization, image processing, Object-based image segmentation, healthcare planning, geospatial modeling of aquatic viral disease, spatial pattern and accessibility analysis, and GNSS for crustal movements. I express thanks to all reviewers for their timely comments and authors for their speedy action to improve the manuscript. The world is facing numerous issues related to sustainability in many sectors and geospatial technologies have the potential to investigate the issues, develop models to solve them, and even help develop policies for decision-makers. It would be of great interest to develop a special issue in the coming months on “Geospatial Technologies for Urban Sustainability” and “Geospatial Technology for Water Sustainability”. I will welcome Guest Editors and reviewers in this regard. IJG also offers discount coupons to reviewers and editors which can be used to reduce the cost of article publishing charges. Please email me ( about your interest. I shall be releasing the flier by end of the February for these two Special Issues to be published in May and July 2023 respectively.  Any other ideas to provide more opportunities for researchers are also welcome.

I would like to make suggestions to authors to follow carefully the author guidelines available on the journal website before submitting/ uploading the paper to help us speed the review process.

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