Multispectral Image Matching Using SIFT and SURF Algorithm: A Review

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M.F.M. Shaharom
K.N. Tahar


SIFT and SURF image matching were used in many industries such as survey and mapping, geology, medical and automotive. Multispectral sensors offered today become new challenge for researchers to study the performances of SIFT and SURF algorithms on multispectral image. Basically, multispectral image consists of more than three bands. As a result, the differences between those bands leads to nonlinear intensity between images. Both algorithm detectors using ‘blob detector’ that extracting the feature points as a key point for image matching later on. Hence, the less visibility of the feature on the multispectral images was one of the issues need to be solved. Many researchers investigate and propose a new strategy to extract and match the feature point using SIFT and SURF on multispectral image. The image fusions, combinations of different descriptors and revised or alteration of the algorithm themselves were among the approached taken by researchers in order to achieved good results.

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Shaharom, M., & Tahar, K. (2023). Multispectral Image Matching Using SIFT and SURF Algorithm: A Review. International Journal of Geoinformatics, 19(1), 13–21.