Message from the Editor for October 2022 Issue

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Nitin Tripathi


This issue contains papers related to the variability of LST in a tropics Island using Modis data and employing Google Earth Engine (GEE). There are two papers on drought assessment using meteorological and satellite remote sensing data. There are three papers on geospatial health monitoring, data analysis, and modeling. One paper on Covid 19 outbreak in Bangkok contains an interesting analysis. One paper is addressing a very important issue of spatial factors associated with ”Fall” among elderly citizens contains interesting novel insight and calls for further research in this domain. One paper addresses the very crucial role of geospatial technologies in delimiting maritime boundaries. This can be really useful for professionals managing coastal and maritime issues. Quality Assessment of TanDEM-X DEM 12 m resolution using GNSS RTK and airborne IFSAR DEM is investigated.

I am sure the above research will be providing direction for acquiring new knowledge and related domains and more research will be carried out. Now, all the papers will be Open Access, so the citations are bound to increase rapidly. IJG has also changed the format of the online papers which is more friendly for internet searchability and hopefully contributes again to the enhancement of citations and impact factor of the International Journal of Geoinformatics.

IJG-App is ready for launch for easy accessibility of the journal articles on mobiles and iPad. This will be done in an annual workshop in Bangkok to encourage easy and smart networking of Geospatial Scientists. We will reach all our contributors soon to share the information about the IJG International Annual Day workshop which may occur in January 2023. Thank you so much and best wishes for your professional growth.


Dr. Nitin Kumar Tripathi

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