Use and Potential of Geo-ICT for Nature-Based Tourism and Recreation in Kyrgyzstan

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S Hennig


Modern information and communication technologies (ICT) – and in particular Geo-ICT which relies on the availability and use of spatial data – is receiving increasing attention from nature-based tourism and recreation across different countries, regions, and natural sites. But, how is Geo-ICT used in the context of nature-based tourism and recreation in Kyrgyzstan? What benefits are there from using Geo-ICT in support of Kyrgyz nature-based tourism and recreation? And what has to be done in order to better exploit the existing potential? To answer these questions different methods such as questionnaire survey, literature and Internet review, and Analysis of Similar Systems AoSS were applied. Results indicate a low level of use of Geo-ICT applications and features, and great potential to support in one way or another nature-based tourism and recreation in Kyrgyzstan. But, among the users (i.e. planners and managers, tourists and recreationalists) certain skills must be built to enable them to (fully) benefit from Geo-ICT, and awareness-raising on such applications and features must take place and, last but not least, people must be motivated to make use of Geo-ICT.

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S Hennig

Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS, University of Salzburg, Austria, Schillerstr. 30, 5020 Salzburg Austria