Low-Fee Private Schools: Case Studies from Ghana

Corinne Brion


Low-Fee Private Schools (LFPSs) have been controversial globally. This paper examines Christian Low-Fee Private Schools in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. This qualitative study uses four schools as cases. Specifically, the researchers examine how these schools come into existence, who they serve and why parents choose to send their children to these schools. Findings reveal that the school proprietors do not operate schools to make profits and that parents choose Christian LFPSs for spiritual, financial, quality, and proximity reasons. The study demonstrates that these Christian LFPSs provide families with an alternative choice that fits their beliefs, values and perceptions.


Low-fee private schools, Ghana, education, development, Christian schools, developing countries

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22230/ijepl.2020v16n3a957

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