Using the EBAM Across Educational Contexts: Calibrating for Technical, Policy, Leadership Influences

Brenton Cyriel Faubert, Anh Thi Hoai Le, Donna Swapp, Georges Wakim, Kaitlyn Watson


This article reports on a rigorous approach developed for calibrating the Evidence-Based Adequacy Model to suit the Ontario K–12 public education context, and the actual calibrations made. The four-step calibration methodology draws from expert consultations and a review of the academic literature. Specific attention is given to the technical revisions and, importantly, the significant influence of policy
(values) and leaders’ decision-making on the calibration process. It also presents emerging implications for leaders and researchers who are considering calibrating the EBAM for use in their educational context. Calibrating the instrument was a necessary step before use in a jurisdiction outside of the United States, where the model was developed, and our team has been the first to outline a methodology and bring Canadian evidence to the discussion.


Adequacy; Resources; Education; Calibration; Leadership; Policy; Decision-making

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