Get the Most from Your Survey: An Application of Rasch Analysis for Education Leaders


  • Lauren P. Bailes University of Delaware
  • Ratna Nandakumar University of Delaware



Rasch modeling, Quantitative modeling, Political efficacy


High-quality measurement tools are critical to school improvement efforts. Education researchers frequently employ surveys in order to assess a host of variables associated with school improvement. This article asserts that Rasch modeling techniques enhance the quality of a measurement tool because they comprise elements of both qualitative and quantitative research approaches, and because Rasch modeling corrects the erroneous conclusions that result from the errors associated with ordinal response scale data. This article illustrates, with specific attention to the needs of education leaders and researchers, how the Rasch measurement model gauges the usefulness of survey instruments. This study illustrates the benefits of Rasch modeling using the scale that measures teacher external political efficacy (TEPE). Findings show that a set of four items captures this domain well.

Author Biographies

Lauren P. Bailes, University of Delaware

Assistant Professor

School of Education

Ratna Nandakumar, University of Delaware


School of Education




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Bailes, L. P., & Nandakumar, R. (2020). Get the Most from Your Survey: An Application of Rasch Analysis for Education Leaders. International Journal of Education Policy and Leadership, 16(2).