Impacts of School Organizational Restructuring Into a Collaborative Setting on the Nature of Emerging Forms of Collegiality


  • Gerald Fallon The University of Saskatchewan
  • John Barnett University of Western Ontario



Collegial practices, educational change, teacher isolation, organizational structure


This case study tells the story of an elementary school staff on the west coast of Canada that decided to address their perceived problem of teacher isolation by transforming the internal organization of their school into a collaborative environment designed to foster collegial practices among themselves. The main guiding question of this study was: can a collaborative organizational structure facilitate and sustain a level of collegiality in which people feel safe from attack, where difficult questions are addressed, and where the status quo can be safely challenged? In this study, the transformation of organizational structure of the school elicited and molded, to an extent, the professional behaviours of members of the staff into professional collegial patterns of interactions. However, we have found that educators seemed to have made individual choices to maintain a certain degree of isolation, of privacy, shielding themselves from reflective inquiry and criticism.

Author Biographies

Gerald Fallon, The University of Saskatchewan

Gerald Fallon is an assistant professor in policy and educational leadership at the College of Education, University of Saskatchewan. His research interests include learning and professional community, aboriginal education, educational policy, law, and educational leadership.

John Barnett, University of Western Ontario

John Barnett is an assistant professor of science and technology at the G. Althouse Faculty of Education, University of Western Ontario. His research intersts include online pedagogy, community, internet safety, and online research methods.




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Fallon, G., & Barnett, J. (2009). Impacts of School Organizational Restructuring Into a Collaborative Setting on the Nature of Emerging Forms of Collegiality. International Journal of Education Policy and Leadership, 4(9).

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