A critical assessment of the Non-Disclosure Agreement in the framework of the technology transfer process: A longitudinal study

Jasmine Meysman, Sven H. De Cleyn, Johan Braet


Information and knowledge have become precious goods in the transition era towards knowledge intensive economies. However, protection of confidential information has become a topic of major concern. Confidentiality and the use of the Non-Disclosure Agreement are topics touching and influencing the day-to-day business life, but little academic research has addressed this important topic.

This study aims to address one dimension in this digital information story: the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). It aims to provide a practical overview of the most common and most requisite elements of the NDA within the framework of the technology transfer process, beyond borders of industry sector or country. Through the longitudinal aspect of the study, the evolution of the content of the average NDA is analysed. Next to the analysis of the most common content elements, a reflection on the rather unusual elements will appear to reveal interesting topics for the discussion.


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