Alan Whitehorn: First J.S. Woodsworth Chair in the Humanities

Trish Graham


From 1994–1996 Alan Whitehorn was the first holder of the J.S. Woodsworth Chair in the Humanities at Simon Fraser University. During his stay at Simon Fraser University, Professor Whitehorn taught six undergraduate courses in the Humanities, appeared regularly in the local media, spoke in the community and at Simon Fraser University, and organized several public events on themes related to “Problems and Prospects of Social Democracy“ and “Women in Politics.” These public events brought many distinguished speakers in the social democratic movement from across Canada to audiences at Simon Fraser University and in greater Vancouver. Among Alan Whitehorn’s most recent publications are Party Politics in Canada (Prentice Hall/Pearson Education, 2000) co-edited with Hugh G. Thorburn, and The Armenian Genocide: Resisting the Inertia of Indifference (Blue Heron Press, 2001) with co-author Lorne Shirinian. Professor of Political Science at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario, and cross-appointed professor at Queen’s University, Alan Whitehorn is currently working on a book introducing children to international politics.

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