Democratic Equality: What Went Wrong?

Edward Broadbent


In November 1998, the Institute and the J.S. Woodsworth Chair hosted a conference, “Equality and the Democratic State”. Papers were solicited from international scholars, social activists and decision-makers. Issues discussed were the status of social, political, and economic (in)equality, with particular reference to Canada, Britain and the United States. Participants included: Edward Broadbent, Dietrich Rueschemeyer (USA), G.A. Cohen (UK), Ian Angus (SFU), Jane Jenson (Université de Montréal), Ruth Lister, Social Policy (UK), Barbara Ehrenreich (US), Armine Yalnizyan (CANADA), John Richards (SFU), Jim Standford (Canadian Auto Workers), Bo Rothstein (Sweden), Daniel Savas (Angus Reid Group) and Bob Hackett (SFU). The conference papers were edited by Edward Broadbent and were published by the University of Toronto Press.

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