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Vol. 8 No. 1 (2022): Enough is Enough!

Crossing the Digital Divide and the Equity Expanse : Reaching and Teaching All Students During the Pandemic

July 18, 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic illuminated the digital divide revealing an expanse of inequity among students who had access to the internet, personal devices, and parental support during remote learning and those who did not. Framed with the theoretical lenses of structural ideology and culturally responsive school leadership, this paper details the results of a survey completed by 56 Minnesota district level technology directors. The survey asked how school districts were responding to the technology needs of students and families while in hybrid and distance learning models. Often those without access to digital tools and information were those who were also experiencing poverty. Recommendations for further research are provided including advocacy for the expansion of broadband access, the pandemic’s impact on the mental health of students, and efforts to sustain access to technology for all learners after the COVID-19 pandemic concludes.

Keywords: COVID-19, pandemic, equity, technology, distance learning, hybrid learning, students, education, structural ideology, culturally responsive school leadership