A Collection of Abstracts of Recent Doctoral Research on The Bahamas

Berthamae L. Walker


Five recent doctoral dissertations by College of The Bahamas faculty or by Bahamians.

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Thompson, Ava. (1999). Perceived social support and adult attachment styles: Relationship with view of self, view of others and helping tendencies [Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Wayne State University].

Butler, Faith. (2001). Hollywood films, reflective practice, and social change in teacher education: A Bahamian illustration [Unpublished doctoral dissertation, McGill University].

Thompson, Karen Denise. (2001). An exploratory study of factors influencing career certainty and indecision of high school students in The Bahamas [Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of South Carolina].

McPhee, Helean A. (2003). Predicate marking in the Bahamian Basilect: An integrated approach [Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of the West Indies].

Saunders, Olivia. (2002). A study of the relationship of host country socio-economic conditions and foreign direct investment inflows [Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Argosy University].

Horton Wallace, Adrilla. (2002). Financial resource allocation decision-making in public higher education in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas: a collective case study [Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Kent State University].

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15362/ijbs.v12i0.55

Copyright (c) 2003 B.L. Walker