First Year English at The College of The Bahamas: Student Perceptions

Raymond Austin Oenbring, Brianne Jaquette, Christine Kozikowski, Ivy Higgins


The report presents the findings of a student exit survey of the largest first-year writing course at the College of the Bahamas, a study designed to measure students’ perception of learning in the course. To facilitate comparison, the survey instrument generally followed publicly-available survey studies of first-year composition students at other pots-secondary institutions. While exit survey suggests that students perceive the course as a whole to be beneficial for their development as academic writers, there is some evidence that students over-represented their learning in the class in their responses to the survey. Based on the data, the authors make several suggestions for improving student experience and outcomes in first-year writing courses at the College of the Bahamas.


English language - Rhetoric - Study and teaching

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Copyright (c) 2016 Raymond Austin Oenbring, Brianne Jacquette; Ivy Higgins, Christine Kozikowski