The Gerace Research Center, San Salvador, Bahamas, 1971-2007

Donald T. Gerace


The Gerace Research Center on San Salvador is the College of The Bahamas’s center for the study of archaeology, biology, geology and the marine sciences. Founded on an abandoned United States naval base in 1971, the field station served as a point of convergence for scientists from a number of academic institutions, and became an institute of COB in 2001. The Center offers courses in archaeology, tropical botany, ornithology, oceanography, marine biology, and geology at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctorate levels and has produced well respected research that has been shared with fellow scientists, government agencies, and the Bahamian community through publications in scholarly journals; participation in and hosting of research conferences and symposia; and the production of field guides, as well as local and regional resources. Through the facilitation of field research for students and scientists from around the world, the Gerace Research Center continues to make a substantial contribution to the ecological, archaeological, and geological sciences and to the preservation of Bahamian ecosystems.


Bahamas; Field Studies; College of The Bahamas

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