Issues in the Evaluation of Teaching Performance in Higher Education


  • Norman Fox The College of the Bahamas



Student evaluation of faculty


The implementation of evaluative procedures in higher education is widespread with major concerns in the areas of: quality of teaching, curriculum content, subject relevance, coursework assessment, staff helpfulness and accessibility. In the main, the objective of this monitoring and evaluation is to maintain standards, identify weaknesses and to improve, wherever possible, the quality of courses and institutions. Often the methods employed to assess professional performance are contentious (Curling, 1994), particularly so when criteria are sought for the granting of tenure, promotion, the renewal of contracts and the dismissal of staff (College of The Bahamas Evaluation Report, 1985). Among other evaluation procedures, student evaluation of lecturer's teaching performance receives its share of faculty criticism and hostility. This paper is concerned with student evaluation of teaching performance in higher education. Initially the methodology employed in this review is described. Selected issues in student evaluation of teaching performance are presented and examined. Finally the review is summarized and suggestions made.

Author Biography

Norman Fox, The College of the Bahamas

Senior Lecturer Teacher Education Division College of The Bahamas


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