IJBS and UB Research in the News continued

The following are articles that appeared in the two national newspaper between November 16-19, 2021. Choosing violence. (2021, November 16). Nassau Guardian. https://thenassauguardian.com/choosing-violence/ Evans, K. (2021, November 17). The Old Testament and marital rape [Letter to the Editor]. Nassau Guardian. https://thenassauguardian.com/the-old-testament-and-marital-rape/ Scott, R. (2021, November 18). Dean-Patterson: Time to prioritize domestic violence. Nassau Guardian.https://thenassauguardian.com/dean-patterson-time-to-prioritize-domestic-violence/ Ward, J. (2021, November 18). PM’s wife says nat’l discussion should be held over marital rape issue. Nassau Guardian. https://thenassauguardian.com/pms-wife-says-natl-discussion-should-be-held-over-marital-rape-issue Cartwright-Carroll, T. (2021, November 19). Commissioner decries all forms of rape. Nassau Guardian. https://thenassauguardian.com/commissioner-decries-all-forms-of-rape/ Ward, J. (2021, December 2). Since 2010, nearly 66% of reported sex crimes unsolved. Nassau Guardian. https://thenassauguardian.com/since-2010-nearly-66-of-reported-sex-crimes-unsolved/