: Volume 26 in the Press

International Journal of Bahamian Studies
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Scholarly analysis on the prevalence of Haitian stigmatization in The Bahamas, the relationship between
religiosity and Bahamian gambling impulses, and the efficacy of corporal punishment in Bahamian schools,
headline the 2020 edition of the University of The Bahamas’ (UB) premier scholarly publication.

The 26th volume of UB’s International Journal of Bahamian Studies (IJBS) was officially published on Friday, 23rd October 2020, replete with 11 different articles from 18 different authors—both local and international—to make this year’s edition one of the largest and most comprehensive in the IJBS’ 26th year of production.

“IJBS allows us to grow Bahamian studies and to expand access to research about the Bahamas around the world,” said UB Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Maria Oriakhi. “As a result, research published in the journal has the potential to have a significant impact both here at UB and in The Bahamas, as well as overseas. A key activity of any institution of higher education is that of creating knowledge and adding to cultural experiences.”