Vol 48 No 3 (2018)

Measuring School–Family Conflict and Enrichment in University Student Parents: A Measurement Validation Study

Tricia Marie van Rhijn
University of Guelph
Anita Acai
McMaster University
Donna S. Lero
University of Guelph
Published December 31, 2018


The purpose of this study was to extend work–family research to the school–family context by adapting Carlson and colleagues’ Work–Family Conflict and Enrichment scales. Using two samples of student parents primarily from Canadian universities, the adapted scales were assessed for reliability, construct validity, and factor structure. The measures had three factors for school–family conflict (school-to-family conflict, behaviour-based conflict, and family-to-school conflict) and five for school–family enrichment (school-to-family growth and affect; and family-to-school development, affect, and efficiency). The two adapted scales were confirmed to be reliable and valid for use with university student parents. Data from the confirmatory factor analysis provided strong support for the factor structure of the School–Family Enrichment Scale, but suggested that additional testing and development of the School–Family Conflict Scale may be required.


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