Vol 25 No 1 (1995)

La situation de l'emploi chez les finissants francophones des institutions de formation à l'enseignement de l'Ontario

Yves Herry
Denis Levesque
David Marshall
Published April 30, 1995


The employment status of 420 Francophone students who graduated in 1991 from an Ontario French-language teacher education program was assessed, one and two years after graduation. One year after graduation, 265 graduates (63%) held full-time teaching positions; 38 (9%) held part-time teaching positions; and 63 (15%) were working as supply teachers. At the two-year follow-up, 6 percent of the respondents who were not employed as teachers at the one year follow-up had signed teaching contracts; whereas 12 percent who had held a teaching position a year earlier had lost their teaching jobs. Fifty seven percent of the respondents were found to be employed as teachers at both the one- and two-year follow-ups. Twenty-five percent of the sample had failed to secure a teaching position at either follow-up.


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