Pre-service teachers’ knowledge and attitudes regarding school-based bullying


  • Katrina Craig Fanshawe College
  • David Bell
  • Alan Leschied


Pre-service teachers responded to two questionnaires regarding school violence, the Teachers' Attitudes about Bullying, and Trainee Teachers' Bullying Attitudes. Results suggest that teachers across all academic divisions view bullying as a serious concern important to their role within the profession. There were considerable differences regarding what was defined as bullying, with a consequent variability related to the potential of intervening to end the violence. Covert forms of bullying including relational, cyber and homophobic were viewed as less serious compared to overt violence and less worthy of attention. The necessity of training regarding anti-violence strategies for preservice teachers is presented.  



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Craig, K., Bell, D., & Leschied, A. (2011). Pre-service teachers’ knowledge and attitudes regarding school-based bullying. Canadian Journal of Education/Revue Canadienne De l’éducation, 34(2), 21–33. Retrieved from