Development and Evaluation of a Peer Mentorship Program for Aboriginal University Students

  • Jennine S Rawana York University
  • Daniella D Sieukaran Simon Frasier University
  • Hien T Nguyen York University
  • Randy Pitawanakwat York University


Although Aboriginal students encounter educational challenges, few post-secondary mentorship programs that facilitate positive educational and mental health outcomes within this population are described in the literature. This study describes the development and evaluation of a mentorship program for Aboriginal university students. Program development was informed by a literature review and needs assessment. Using a mixed-methods design, 12 Aboriginal students completed pre- and post-program measures of resilience and ethnic identity awareness. Post-program, improvements in social competence resiliency, other-group ethnic orientation, and school engagement were identified. Research and community stakeholders are encouraged to develop mentorship programs to improve the well-being of Aboriginal students.


Author Biographies

Jennine S Rawana, York University

Department of Psychology

Assistant Professor

Daniella D Sieukaran, Simon Frasier University

Department of Psychology

Master's Student

Hien T Nguyen, York University

Department of Psychology

Doctoral Student

Randy Pitawanakwat, York University

Coordinator, Aboriginal Student Services

Centre for Aboriginal Student Services

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Rawana, J. S., Sieukaran, D. D., Nguyen, H. T., & Pitawanakwat, R. (2015). Development and Evaluation of a Peer Mentorship Program for Aboriginal University Students. Canadian Journal of Education/Revue Canadienne De l’éducation, 38(2), 1-34. Retrieved from