Toward a Pedagogy of Land: The Urban Context


  • Sandra Styres York University
  • Celia Haig-Brown York University
  • Melissa Blimkie York University


This article examines the possibilities when shifting what we have come to call a pedagogy of Land from rural to urban contexts. The authors explore some persisting questions around what it means to bring a pedagogy of Land into classrooms and communities in urban settings. The authors consider the ways a pedagogy of Land might translate from rural to urban contexts while addressing some of the ways this work may move forward in a good way. Further, the authors share various aspects that have allowed Land to inform both pedagogy and praxis in teacher education focusing on student success, particularly Aboriginal students within schools.

Author Biographies

Sandra Styres, York University

Faculty of Education

Celia Haig-Brown, York University

Professor, Faculty of Education

Melissa Blimkie, York University

Faculty of Education



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Styres, S., Haig-Brown, C., & Blimkie, M. (2013). Toward a Pedagogy of Land: The Urban Context. Canadian Journal of Education/Revue Canadienne De l’éducation, 36(2), 34–67. Retrieved from