“Reaching Every Student” with a Pyramid of Intervention Approach: One District’s Journey


  • Kathy Howery University of Alberta


This paper presents a description ongoing work of an Alberta school district that is working to support and enhance effective inclusive practices that reach and teach every student. The district is implementing a Pyramid of Supports model that is built upon four critical elements: a belief in social justice and the value of every child, a commitment to inclusive education, an understanding of the power of teams, and flexible funding support. Three key areas of support are described: supports for positive behavior, differentiation of learning, and access to technologies and digital media. Emphasis is placed on the base of the pyramid or the universal supports that allow for the inclusion of all learners while recognizing the unique learning needs of each. In addition the district has focused on shared and distributed leadership through teaming. In reflecting on the work to date and critical next steps, the importance of policy direction that support systemic redesign of curriculum is discussed.


Please note: This paper is submitted for considered in the special issue on Inclusive Education.




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