CJE has some exciting news to share!

Timely research and knowledge dissemination is increasingly crucial in a world where significant, unanticipated, and urgent matters severely impact educational systems and practice on a regular basis. In response to our educational community’s needs, CJE has made the important decision to change our publishing practice.     As of October 24, all accepted articles that have been copy edited will be published on an ongoing basis in the “Online First” section of our website. As soon as an article is published, a DOI number will be assigned.     Starting with the Winter 2022 issue, each issue will be curated based on a particular theme. Each curated issue draws from articles already published in the “Online First” section, and framed through an editorial that digs into the implications and significance to educational research, methodology, theory, and practice.     We eagerly encourage your submissions to CJE! The combination of our new “Online First” approach together with our standard no-fee open access continues to provide an up-to-date and widely accessible venue to disseminate your educational work.