Prototypes for Innovative for Short Rotation Forestry Harvesting Method


  • L. Pari
  • V. Civitarese
  • A. Suardi


An innovative unit adapted to the poplar cultivation harvesting, growth as SRF, was developed by CRA-ING in order to operate the felling poplar and chipping actions in two different stages. In particular an harvester for cutting and felling plants in windrows parallel to the advanced movement of the machine, and a chipping machine provided with a pick-up to harvest and chip windrows were designed. CRA-ING innovative method based on a single operation, allows to work also on wet ground with any change resulting to it. In addition, for heavy units like mower chopper and loader, it was decided to let pass them on ground at the end of the winter in order to chip natural dried products. The new machine showed successful performance reaching operative working capacity of 1,20 ha/h on two years implants. CRA-ING has also thought to develop a similar characteristic machine working, simultaneously, on two plants rows, thus to reduce harvesting times and operating costs. The harvester thanks to a pick-up, still being studied, was able to gather all plants left on the windrow, conveying them to the chipping feed rolls.






Technology and Management to Increase the Efficiency in Sustainable Ag. Systems