Developing of a Prototype for Short Rotation Forestry Tillage


  • L. Pari
  • F. Sissot
  • G. Ciriello


In Italy, at the moment, the poplar SRF harvesting affects only areas characterized by favourable pedoclimatic conditions. Based upon previous experiments conducted in central Italy in 2007, CRA-ING have pointed out technical and economical limits. To this end CRA-ING has developed a new system (tillage system) in order to reduce these limits (reduction of the costs of soil preparation at the poplar plantations). The trials, compared two different soil preparation techniques: the low input method (superficial plowing) and the high input method (deep cracking, plowing and harrowing). It was underscored the considerable influence of the degrees of both soil cracking and soil thinning in survival of the plantation during the drought summer period if not irrigation was supplied. CRA-ING designed and developed a machine able to execute in a single operation both deep cracking of the soil and superficial thinning of the area where the cutting rows will grow. The interesting results of the first experiments allowed the implementation of the new solutions with the harvesting techniques already in use.






Technology and Management to Increase the Efficiency in Sustainable Ag. Systems