Workload Assessment in Agriculture – Integration in a Work Budget System


  • M. Schick
  • K. Heitkaemper
  • M. Riegel
  • R. Stark


The use of a contemporary model-based work budget allows the comparison of work and production processes up to total-farm level under otherwise equal conditions. The inclusion of physical load is ensured via expanded OWAS codes with a mass-related load index as well as with the average physically strenuous working-time requirement. Consequently, sectoral statements on manpower potential and workload in farming are also possible. The continuous traceability of the data is ensured, so that expansions and corrections of errors are easily carried out. Data may be exported from the program via interfaces. The software, which is modular in design, is available in four languages. The computer-based work budget therefore represents an internationally applicable tool both for the improvement of work organisation and time planning, as well as for the measurement of workload.






Technology and Management to Increase the Efficiency in Sustainable Ag. Systems