Bogballe Spreader Testing Using Croatia Produced Fertilizers


  • D. Banaj
  • V. Kovacevic
  • V. Tadic


The paper presents the investigation results of the working quality of the Bogballe firm centrifugal spreader of the model designation ”L” (L2+). The trials were conducted in field conditions characterized by favorable weather in terms of the temperature (>18°C) and relative air moisture (< 60%). Mineral fertilizer packed in 25 kg sacks produced in Kutina in November 2008 was used in the trials. By the granular composition, NPK fertilizer had increased percentage of granules being 2.1 do 5 mm in diameters as opposed at UREA fertilizer. So, NPK fertilizer of the formulation 7:20:30 has 87.4%, unlike UREA having 69.8% granules of the aforesaid diameter. But UREA had 30.2% granules smaller than 2.1 mm in diameter. The trials were carried out with 8 kmh-1 and distribution of 400 kgha-1 NPK formulation 7:20:30, and 200 kgha-1 of UREA fertilizer. After the granules have been weighed by the collected testing boxes, coefficient of the surface mass distribution of 6.6% was obtained with NPK formulation 7:20:30 and 12.6% with UREA fertilizer. Based upon achieved results, the Bogballe firm spreader of the model designation ”L” can be ranked first class and recommended for our land application






Technology and Management to Increase the Efficiency in Sustainable Ag. Systems