Current Status and Future Trends in Pesticide Application Technology


  • E. Ozkan


Pesticides have played a key role in increasing yields. However, improper and excessive use of pesticides has resulted in pollution of the natural resources, and has paused a serious threat to the safety and health of the people applying pesticides. Research is continuing in universities and industry around the world to develop new methods and equipment to address these concerns. Some of the key innovations include: new nozzles and other technologies to reduce spray drift; development of sprayers that can be operated without someone driving the tractor, new methods of packaging pesticides to reduce pesticide waste, and variable rate application of pesticides using global positioning systems based on target characteristics and severity of the pest infestation in the field. A general review of all these and other major developments happening in the world in spray technology is discussed in this paper.






Technology and Management to Increase the Efficiency in Sustainable Ag. Systems