Recommendations of the land use in conformity with use capacity to limit natural resources degradation in Itatiba/SP/Brazil




ABSTRACT: This paper presents the recommendations of the land use in conformity with use capacity to limit the natural resources degradation in county of Itatiba/SP/Brazil, situated 46º 40' W and 22° 55' S, with area 323 km2 and estimated population 71.644 people (89% urban and 11% rural). The results of classes of use capacity were: 19.4% - II, 5.4% - III, 27.2% - IV, 12.8% - VI, 21% - VII and 1.9% - VIII. The relative limit factors mains to classification of land-use capacity were: soil type, fertility, and erosion risk. The classes of land use were obtained of CBERS 2 (2004) satellite image, where the results were: 56.3% pasture, 12.5% forest, 11% reforestation, 4.9% exposed soil/cropland, 1.5% river/dam, 1.6% road e 12.3% urban area. In general, the topography in Itatiba/SP/Brazil is not favorable for agriculture, thus implementing best management practices to stabilize soil and prevent erosion are important to protect natural resources. Land use and your capacity were evaluated, improper areas identificated, and, at the same time, recommendations were making to they won't go to be sources of natural resources degradation in county of Itatiba/SP/Brazil.






Technology and Management to Increase the Efficiency in Sustainable Ag. Systems