Classification of Agriculture IT-Technologies for Farm Management – a global approach

Christa Hoffmann, Erick Cantu, Matthias Nachtmann, Reiner Doluschitz


The use of modern technologies in agriculture, such as sensors or farm management systems, generates a growing number of data on farms worldwide. These technologies as well as the mentioned big data from it, have high potentials for several scopes of applications (e.g. consulting, communication, marketing). With this background in consideration, this study aims on a screening, classification and evaluation of IT-Technologies in Agriculture - focussed on seven technologies (Application, Web-Based technology, Sensor, Satellite, Hardware, Software, and SMS) with farms as reference area. The classification of the solutions based on 31 criteria (i.g. archetype or provider type) and subgroups. At the end of our research a total number of 1684 entries were counted; most of them Applications or Software solutions. The paper will focus on selected results presenting potentials for several scopes of applications on the global market of IT-Technologies for farm management.

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